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We offer a wide range of packaging boxes for packaging products. There are standard size ready-made packaging products. We also accept orders for packaging products with your logo, you can choose the box material, size, paper type and other features.


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paper bags

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Kraft bags. Doner bags. Bread bags

Bread paper bags are an essential package for maintaining hygiene and sanitary standards in the sale of bakery products. Bread is a finished product that does not require additional heat treatment. A paper bag protects bread from staleness, possible ingress of harmful bacteria, dirt and moisture on its surface during transportation, laying out goods on retail shelves, prolongs shelf life, preserves the freshness and taste of products. Paper packaging for bread has breathable properties, even when sealed, the paper bag does not allow the release of condensate from hot bread, retains its consumer qualities.


Bags for bread and bakery products are made of parchment or kraft paper. Natural cellulose raw materials that do not contain harmful impurities for humans are used for the production of packaging. They come in a variety of shades from brown or bleached to light tones. Unlike types of plastic packaging, paper bags cause the buyer to associate it with its natural, natural ingredients. Wholesale and retail sale of paper bags for bread. They can be printed with or without a logo. We will make paper bread packaging to order with the design of your bakery or bakery.


Paper bags, kraft bags, doner bags, bread bags