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We offer a wide range of packaging boxes for packaging products. There are standard size ready-made packaging products. We also accept orders for packaging products with your logo, you can choose the box material, size, paper type and other features.


Fruit and vegetable boxes

tomato boxes

For fruits and vegetables 1

tomato box

For fruits and vegetables 2

tomato box

For fruits and vegetables 4

apple boxes

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apple box

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apple box

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Boxes for tomatoes. Boxes for apples

BakuPack offers a selection of tomato boxes and apple boxes. You can choose a box of tomatoes and a box of apples in any size. The boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. Tomato boxes and apple boxes are ordered for large enterprises and grocery stores.


Cardboard boxes for fruits and vegetables are classified as external packaging, and represent their own flat box, constructively adapted for transportation and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. The use of millet significantly reduces the wear and tear associated with broken products due to improper and careless handling. Gofrolots from our company have the following benefits:

  • they are made on modern equipment using high-quality cardboard;
  • raw materials and design allow the container to withstand strong impacts and ensure the safety of the goods;
  • corrugated trays have a rigid base, which allows them to be stacked and store more products in less space.


The price of vegetable and fruit cardboard boxes is related to the importance of the product itself, the image of the company, the target market and the end user. In this sense, we offer products that are ideal in terms of cost and quality. You can buy ready-made corrugated trays in bulk from our warehouse, which is very convenient to save time, or order products in production, which can take several weeks.


Fruit and vegetable crates, tomato crates, apple crates