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We offer a wide range of packaging boxes for packaging products. There are standard size ready-made packaging products. We also accept orders for packaging products with your logo, you can choose the box material, size, paper type and other features.


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cake boxes

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Sweet and cake boxes

There is a wide range of cake dishes. Small and large cake boxes, tall and bulky candy boxes. Cake boxes made of cardboard in any color - any format for sealing and long-term storage of confectionery and their beautiful appearance. An ordinary cake pan will allow the cake to remain delicate and airy for more than a day.


There are several types of confectionery containers and cake boxes:

  • cake pan for universal or a certain type of content - in the second case, the placement is provided, substrates to correct the goodies;
  • opaque or with a special window where you can see the contents - a plastic window can be rectangular, round or curved;
  • with plain or original design - here you will find packages of different designs.


If you need reliable candy boxes or original cake containers, you can buy them directly from the website or by contacting the manager by phone. Call us for the price of cake containers or send a message to our e-mail address. We will calculate and tell you the prices for cake pans and boxes of sweets.


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