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We offer a wide range of packaging boxes for packaging products. There are standard size ready-made packaging products. We also accept orders for packaging products with your logo, you can choose the box material, size, paper type and other features.


Boxes for sweets

confectionery containers

Boxes for sweets 1

confectionery boxes

Boxes for sweets 2

confectionery boxes order

Boxes for sweets 3

baklava boxes

Boxes for sweets 4

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Baklava boxes 1

Baklava boxes 2

Baklava boxes

Baklava boxes 4

Baklava boxes 5

Baklava boxes 6

Baklava boxes 7

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Confectionery containers. Baklava boxes

For the best sale or delivery of desserts, you need to use special confectionery containers for sweets. Confectionery containers will keep even the most delicate sweets safe.


The products of our company are of high quality. We offer boxes of sweets suitable for any shape. Most baklava boxes and eclairs are ordered. These are small, multi-colored candy packs.


Such boxes of sweets can be given not only for sale, but also to your colleagues, family members and friends. We make all kinds of boxes of sweets. Here you can order boxes of sweets for your restaurant or shop.


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